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MICROS offers fully integrated point-of-sale solutions for stadiums and arenas across the globe whether it be a standalone or large scale operation with hundreds of terminals. The POS systems provided by MICROS are not simply cash registers, but a whole enterprise solution with options for front-of-house management, back-office applications, enterprise operations, and solutions for providing the best possible customer experience.

Tools have been created and are continuously developed to cater towards the changing needs of MICROS’s customers. With easy upgrade options and its scalable solutions, MICROS provides products that are perfect for shifting from an individual site to a central enterprise deployment. Quotes are provided by an experienced MICROS specialist after a detailed consultation including an overview of the potential customer’s business needs, operations, and logistics. MICROS understands that every business is operated differently and is sensitive to finding the perfect solution for vast aspects of operation.

POS solution: MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management System (HMS)
Fully hosted POS solution: Simphony

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