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Stadiums and Arenas

Stadium and arena operators around the world depend on MICROS’s solutions to meet their complex business requirements, control operations, and provide superior customer service across every area of the business, from managing food & beverage and retail operations, to building customer relationships. MICROS has helped numerous stadiums and arenas across the globe implement value-added technology innovations to their parks to compete with other venues for business and gain additional revenues.

The fast paced and customer centric stadium and arena environment requires technology solutions that are easy-to-use, reliable, and are robust enough to cater to tens of thousands of fans who are in a rush to grab food and get back to their seats. Managing a stadium operation is not an easy feat, but with the correct technology solutions, complex managerial tasks can be simplified to allow operators more time to focus on their largest business asset - their customers. MICROS has created its highly integrated, flexible, and scalable products with its customers’ needs at the forefront of product development. 
In-seat Ordering
Ensure your fans never miss the action with mobile solutions for Simphony.  Allow patrons to order and pay for food and beverage from the comfort of their seats, so they never miss the action on the field.  MICROS in-seat ordering gives you and your staff the ultimate flexibility in providing excellent, immediate service that translates into increased operating efficiencies, great profits and an enhanced fan experience.

Suites Management
Manage your hospitality suite operations, stay in contact with your customers, and streamline your revenue with MICROS Suites Management.  MICROS Suites Management is integrated with MICROS Simphony for guaranteed order accuracy, revenue management, faster response times, increased customer satisfaction and easy account billing.  Each pre-event order automatically opens a check on the POS system for suite attendants, allowing them to easily and quickly manage orders.  This system will provide a comprehensive view of all your hospitality suites requirement to ensure your guests are catered to every time they come to enjoy an event at your venue.


Food & Beverage Operations

MICROS offers fully integrated point-of-sale solutions for stadiums and arenas across the globe whether it be a standalone or large scale with hundreds of terminals. The POS systems provided by MICROS are not simply a cash register, but a whole enterprise solution.
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Retail Operations

MICROS offers comprehensive, fully integrated capabilities for point-of-sale, inventory management, loss prevention, and gift card/customer loyalty programs.
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Enterprise Solutions

MICROS POS solutions are rounded off by a set of above-store applications and reporting tools to provide enterprise business intelligence to corporate, regional and on-site managers.
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Consumer Solutions

MICROS offers unparalleled mobility to the hospitality industry with a breadth of solutions designed for the restaurant consumer.
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Complementary Solutions

Our Complementary Solutions encompass a large variety of products and technologies with specific added value and functionalities, which enhance and optimize the needs of the MICROS Stadium and Arena customer.
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Looking for energy-efficient, superior point-of-sale hardware solutions? MICROS is committed to providing a variety of quality touch screen POS terminal solutions for every environment.
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