MICROS Workstation 5a

MICROS Workstation 5A (WS5A) continues MICROS’s commitment to providing customers with the latest technology, while ensuring lower total cost of ownership, simpler support model, and improved reliability. While outwardly identical to the WS5, the MICROS WS5A is a complete technology refresh, offering dramatic enhancements to the processing capability, and expansion and peripheral connectivity, while continuing to provide customers with dependable, easy-to-use hardware specially designed for the hospitality and retail industries.

The all new WS5A features a powerful processor running the latest Microsoft Windows Embedded operating systems and a large, bright 15" touch screen display. Other impressive characteristics include standard stereo speakers, 1G networking, MICROS CAL, and an advanced operating system recovery utility. The use of flash memory and passive cooling reduces the risk of costly mechanical failures, and improves system reliability and uptime. Improved I/O connectivity, a new, easy-to-use adjustable stand, and many modular options make the WS5A highly configurable and ready for use in a wide range of applications.

Workstation 5A Specs

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