OPERA eLearning Online Training Service

A well-trained, informed staff creates success in the hospitality industry, but finding the time or money for such training is often difficult. Enter MICROS OPERA eLearning, an interactive training system offering intuitive logic, a browser interface, an online instructor and the ability for each employee to find a comfortable personal pace at which to learn. You and your facility acquire fast, cost-effective on-site training designed for both new and seasoned employees.

  • OPERA eLearning allows staff to retrain using Moderated eLearning, or totally train themselves with Recorded eLearning. You save time and money while maximizing your investment in MICROS’s efficient, fully integrated OPERA Enterprise Solution.

  • Moderated eLearning - web classrooms for up to eight students at a time. They best serve employees with a working knowledge of OPERA.

  • Recorded eLearning - sessions provide overview training on the complete OPERA application. They are most useful for new employees who need to learn OPERA from scratch. Employees study the recordings at their convenience, fitting the sessions around their work schedules.

  • Evaluation and Report - following the eLearning training, OPERA tests each student to gauge the employee’s retention of the material. Our extensive testing databases enable the system to issue a different set of test questions each time you request a test. Once employees complete their tests, hospitality management receives reports about their scores.

  • Modules - over 30 modules, each of which reference a particular OPERA function. In addition, advanced modules are available for those who work with the complete OPERA Enterprise Solution.





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