OPERA Reservation System ORS

The OPERA Reservation System (ORS), a true centrally managed central reservation system, is at the heart of the hotel industry's first enterprise-wide room inventory management system. The ORS hotel reservation system is designed for seamless integration with the entire OPERA product family — the OPERA Customer Information System (OCIS), the OPERA Property Management System, OPERA Sales and Catering, and OPERA Sales Force Automation. This comprehensively managed central reservation system offers reservations agents and global sales staffs the tools to maximize bookings and increase revenue in any size chain or multi-property environment. ORS easily handles all types of reservations — individual, group and party, company, travel agent, multi-legged, multi-rate, and waitlisted.

Key Features:

Global Perspective: ORS supports multi-currency and multi-language features to meet the hotel reservation system requirements of global operations. Rates and revenues can be dynamically converted from the local currency to any other currency. The appropriate language for guest correspondence can be automatically determined by the guest’s profile language; during the reservation process, key information such as the property, room, and rate descriptions can be displayed in multiple languages. Country-specific address formats are supported.

Automatic Rate and Inventory Controls: The ORS central reservation system lets you set up rate structures for individual properties, groups of properties, or for chains. Multi-level rate and inventory controls make inventory management easier and increase profitability. Rates and room types can be automatically restricted based on percentage occupancy, minimum stay through, arrival date, and more. Agents can use the hotel reservation system to easily determine best available rates for any length of stay. To maximize property revenues, these hotel reservation computer systems also support interfacing to major yield management systems.

Full Reservation Functionality: Agents making reservations with the ORS central reservation system can easily handle complex operations such as routing instructions and split charges, shared reservations, frequent flyer and loyalty program memberships, negotiated rates, and rate discounts (percentage or fixed amount). Multiple advance deposit requirements and cancellation penalties may be applied to reservations with ORS; deposit transactions automatically transfer to the property.

Group and Block Features: Creating and managing group and block reservations is as easy in the ORS central reservation system environment as it is using a stand-alone hotel PMS. Room blocking, rooming lists, room sharing, deposits, tour series, and other group booking features are handled by ORS.

Sales Flow Control: This hotel reservation system lets you customize the flow of the sales process by the chain or property. ORS operations can be optimized for any operational environment. Dynamic global messaging, selling scripts, and closing scripts guide the agent through the selling process. Agents can easily change or cancel existing bookings and move bookings to different properties or dates any time prior to check-in.

Multi-Property Rate Display: The ORS central reservation system availability display can show rates, room types, and packages for one property or for multiple properties. Agents can easily re-query for alternate dates when the requested dates are not available. Color-coding throughout the sales screen lets the agent see at a glance why a property, room, or rate might be unavailable.

Efficient Searching: Use the ORS hotel reservation system to conveniently search for room availability across properties and chains. By entering just a few criteria, agents can narrow a property search. Searching can be controlled by one or more criteria, including property name, city, region, property features, property type (e.g., 3-star, 4-star) package elements, attractions, rate range, and so on. The ORS central reservation system’s property information displays are comprehensive, with details on transportation services, restaurants, and amenities, etc. Area maps and images of the property can also be provided. ORS automatically logs the original search criteria and whether the call resulted in a booked reservation or a turnaway.

Reports and Logs: The ORS hotel reservations computer systems offer dozens of standard reports that provide extensive data for analysis and management of CRO and property performance. Activity logs maintain an audit trail of reservation and profile related activity for each agent.

Channel Management: Hotels and chains can also use the central reservation system to review business volume by channel and open or close channels based on channel, property, rate, or room type. Much of the channel management setup information is pre-configured to make it easy to get started.

Key Benefits:

  • Truly integrated and single image
  • User-friendly and customizable
  • Windows® user interface
  • Consolidated availability and one-stop
  • Shopping for reservation agents


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