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OPERA Kiosk is the first hotel kiosk to combine the ability of guests to check in and out of their rooms and the ability to check in for flights. Utilizing the same self-service technology that already drives millions of airline passengers a year through airports, OPERA Kiosk brings a new level of comfort and convenience to hotels and their guests. Not only does OPERA Kiosk enhance guest satisfaction, it also enhances employee satisfaction, by being an always on-call ‘agent’ to quickly service the needs of arriving and departing guests who want to check in or check out quickly.

Key Features:

·         Power to design your own screens

·         Do it yourself parameters - you decide what to turn on

·         Personalize graphics for your individual brand identity

·         Credit card or loyalty card swipe to look up reservations

·         View your messages before you get to your room

·         Indicate room feature preferences to get your guest in the right room

·         Easy user modifications to departure date and credit card information

·         Just in case you missed it, view any new messages before leaving the hotel

·         Validation of your guest’s bill for easy review

·         Limitless airline options

·         Retrieve flight reservation by credit or airline loyalty card

·         Similar to airport or online, use your frequent flyer or confirmation number to check in

·         Review travel itinerary and select or change seat assignment

·         Print boarding passes

·         Flexibility for Branding


Key Benefits:  

·         Reduced wait times at the front desk

·         Quick and easy check-in of less than one minute

·         Reallocate staff for better guest service

·         Speedy check-outs with zero balance and interim bills

·         Convenient access to flight check-in

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