MICROS myreservations is an easy and effective way to offer online reservations to your customers.  This simple, easy-to-use software is fully integrated with MICROS Table Management and seamlessly handles customer reservations and requests while effortlessly managing the customer’s dining experience.

MICROS myreservations is accessible via your website, enabling guests to see accurate, real-time availability in the restaurant. Based upon the date of the request and the size of the party, only those available times are shown to the guest. Guests can reserve their tables online; all details are automatically saved in the table management system without further manual intervention, and the guest receives an automated email confirmation. 

Key Benefits:
  • Online reservation booking from the restaurant's exisiting websites (business, social, etc.) offers convenience and immediacy of booking.
  • Online reservations allow an operation to simplify and automate the reservation booking process, reducing the likelihood of mistakes.
  • Integration with MICROS Table Management allows operators to utilize their exitisting POS for reservations and table management workflow. All table reservations, regardless of where they originated, can be reported upon. All of the guest reservation report information can be exported, including those valuable customer email addresses.
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated Reservations/Table Management hardware as all functionality can be delivered through POS workstations and the existing customer websites
  • Puts the guest relationship back in the hands of the restaurant, allowing the operator the opportunity to introduce loyalty programs tailored specifically to their business.
  • Offers the opportunity to drive more traffic to existitng customer websites. This benefit, coupled with a strategic online marketing program, offers increased site visits and brand awareness.
  • Support of all major web and mobile browsers allows all the restaurant's customers to make table reservations from their computers or mobile devices without the need for a specialized application.
  • Integration with MICROS iCare includes loyalty membership data in the reservation from the time of creation. Loyalty information, when provided, can include current awards in guest confirmation emails.
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