myinventory is a robust inventory application that provides purchasing, receiving and stock management functionality, along with full recipe and product costing capabilities at either a single property or multiple outlets.

Manage your inventory efficiently without the need for installation at the store level by using the myinventory Web browser to quickly retrieve data and save your business money. The myinventory enterprise solution provides tools for the daily tasks associated with managing in-store and company-wide inventories. It provides cumulative, daily and ad hoc reporting related to ordering, receiving, waste, inventory counts and more. Reports can be generated by item groups, items, vendor, cost center and enterprise.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplifies store-level processes and optimises inventories
  • Provides the necessary information to maintain stock in a cost-effective manner
  • Enables managing inventories at either a single cost centre or multiple locations

Key Features:

  • Generates running and daily totals for all tasks associated with ordering, receiving and conducting inventory counts, by store, enterprise, vendor, and/or item
  • Summary of daily totals for inventories on-hand and used
  • Purchase order and daily receipt summary, line item detail and adjusted data
  • Complete overview of purchases by vendor, store and item and other broad-line foodservice distributors
  • Compatibility with electronic data interchange (EDI) and third-party applications from suppliers like Sysco and other broad-line foodservice distributors
  • No installation at store level; all that is required is a web browser

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