Professional Services

Professional Services: Point-of-Sale Software Integration

Professional Services provides an array of services to enable MICROS to provide a total IT system solution for its customers. Today's increasingly sophisticated customer's demand more than POS functionality from their POS vendor. MICROS' competitive edge is our Professional Services department. Integrating the customers' existing payroll, accounting, inventory and other systems to core MICROS products provides a smoothly integrated solution that other POS providers cannot match. Tasks that were previously performed manually can be automated through custom reporting and custom applications. Custom user interfaces can also provided to meet the customer's requirements. Finally, with its in-depth knowledge of the MICROS products and the hospitality industry, MICROS Professional Services provides on-site consulting for its customers' specific projects.

Professional Services Offerings

  • Interfaces to third party systems
  • Custom Reports and Spreadsheets
  • Custom Applications
  • Custom Databases and User Interfaces
  • Enhanced POS functionality through SIM
  • On-site Consulting
  • Packaged Products

Technical Expertise

The Professional Services team is an intensely customer-focused software development group. Collectively we have several decades of experience in the hospitality field, providing in-depth, real world knowledge of the systems and practices unique to the industry.

Professional Services software engineering skills encompass a wide range of languages including, but not limited to, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic, Visual C , Delphi, Sybase SQL, Unix shell scripting, Perl, and SIM. We offer software development services for both the SCO Unix and Windows platforms. Our expertise runs from extending the reporting features of MICROS products, to complete custom application development including everything from TCP/IP client/server components to enterprise wide distributed client/server database systems.

The Professional Services team has extensive experience with MICROS PCWS hardware and API under Windows platforms and provides consulting or development work to port existing customer applications to MICROS PCWS hardware.

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