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Strategic Online Marketing

A strategic online marketing plan allows your hospitality operation to target potential guests, learn even more about their preferences and deliver custom content through multiple marketing channels. The ultimate result is a higher conversion of your website and increased direct revenues at lower costs.

Our e-marketing program is offered by MICROS eCommerce. As a digital agency devoted to the hospitality industry for the past 10 years, MICROS eCommerce has provided full-service, customized Internet marketing solutions to more than 1.000 clients all over the world – including hotels and resorts, spas, restaurants, hospitality ownership and management groups, and other companies with a need for comprehensive interactive services.

MICROS eCommerce’s e-marketing program includes:

  • Search engine optimization, to maximize exposure through natural-search rankings.
  • Paid-search marketing and digital media, to target guests with specific preferences.
  • Email marketing, tailored with personalized messaging.
  • Social-media marketing, to increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Analytics and reporting, to interpret your results and provide new insights.

Discover the Benefits

  • Search Engine Optimization prominently positions you at the top of search engines, providing a valuable source of visibility.
  • Paid-Search Marketing captures traffic and delivers it directly to customized landing pages for conversion.
  • Digital Media Marketing and Online Advertising deliver pre-qualified leads from our established network of over 2,000 media partners.
  • Email Marketing sends promotions to an opt-in list of interested customers, to establish relationships, drive reservations and strengthen consumer loyalty.
  • Social Media facilitates customer interaction and generates trust directly with consumers.
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