Restaurant Integration (POS)

MICROS has established vendor integration partner programs for the most common integration requests. These partner programs provide the necessary software, documentation and support to get your integration started on the path to success. Integration requests that do not fall within these programs will need to be handled on a one by one basis.

Note that a Non-Disclosure Agreement and pilot site are required to enter the program.

The three Partner Programs currently offered are:

Transaction Services (API) - Provides an interface to the POS for applications that wish to place orders, or extract POS configuration data from the MICROS system. A transaction services interface is available for RES 3700, or the LES 9700 product. The capability and API specifications are different for each product. (On-line ordering, kiosks and digital menu board applications, for example, use this interface.)

Stored Value Card (SVC) – Provides an interface for gift card and loyalty vendors to develop a seamless interface to support their business transactions within the MICROS POS application. A stored value card interface is available for RES 3700, E7 or the LES 9700 product. The capability and specifications may vary by product.

iCare – Provides an interface that can be used to perform transactions against a MICROS iCare database. Transactions that are supported by the interface include: stored value card transactions, loyalty and promotion transactions and CRM transactions.

To begin the integration process to one or more of the MICROS Point of Sale or Restaurant Back Office products, we ask that you complete the form below. This will put you in queue with other vendors who have also asked for integration information. Once your information has been reviewed, we will arrange an introduction call with the appropriate product manager.

Due to the high level of demand for product integration, we request that you have a MICROS customer who has agreed to be your pilot site prior to being accepted into the development program.

The partner program fees for the Transaction Services and Stored Value Card programs begin at $15,000 for a single program and single product. iCare program fees begin at $5,000.

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