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MICROS Simphony(TM) v2.7 is Here

MICROS Simphony(TM)

The newest version of the MICROS premier enterprise enabled POS solution has arrived bringing a true "pick your mobile platform device" approach to F&B. Featuring unparalleled mobile functionality, guests can experience the extraordinary with the new MICROS Engagement Feature when running on Windows 8.1 Professional or Embedded Industry, coupled with the new MICROS mTablet E-Series. Additional features of Simphony(TM) v2.7 include Enterprise Cash Management module for tracking currency flow throughout an operation and the Application Translation Tool for easy language translation.

MICROS Simphony

MICROS Releases the mTablet E-Series

MICROS mTablet E-Series

Meet the MICROS mTablet E-Series: cost-effective tablets for hospitality and retail, elevating guest interactions from ordinary to extraordinary! A sleek yet durable solution, the mTablet E-Series blends fully connected hardware and extended battery life with all of the enterprise-grade capabilities provided by MICROS software. Able to feature the revolutionary MICROS Engagement Feature when running Simphony(TM) in a Windows 8.1 Environment, a rich user interface featuring an ultra-modern look and feel with interactive live tiles, this mobile solution has significantly raised the bar on what a modern tablet solution should be.